But He needed to go through Samaria

His meeting with the Samaritan woman, at the Sychar well, was within the Lord’s mission. It was a laborious journey that took 6 hours to walk and with extreme endurance of the elements, until the sixth hour of the day (12 noon). The Lord endured all of that just for the joy of gaining the subject placed before Him, for the sake of wining the soul of the Samaritan woman.

Therefore, our meeting with Jesus is not accomplished with friendship, or conditional… For Jesus doesn’t abide to conditions, or changes. The meeting is a premeditated and divinely arranged. Our Lord Jesus places this obligation “MUST” for our salvation. As He told Zacchaeus, “For today I must stay at your house.” (Luke 19:5). Jesus came for our salvation. Therefore He must go by us, and nothing in this world should prevent us from meeting with Jesus. Therefore, every time we enter the church we do it to meet Jesus, every time we stand when the Bible is read, and every time we hear His voice, when God deals with us, we confident that these meetings with God were prearranged for us, and they were fulfilled according to Him.

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