The Coptic Church holds the firm belief that service in the name of God is a crucial branch of the church. Inspired by Saint Mark, the church hopes to endlessly and humbly serve in the same way he did; out of an undying love for Christ, St. Mark traveled miles to Alexandria to serve the people there. Our church hopes to embody the love he had and serve our community with the same amity and ardor. The St. Abanoub & St. Antonious Church offers an array of services to serve the community: 

Following the Liturgy services, Sunday School services are offered in order to aid in the spiritual growth of our youth (up to grade 12)

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Part of the rich history of our church is the hymnology and liturgical roles that our ordained deacons bring to life during each and every service.

Prayer MeetingsThese meetings occur once a month and allows the community to congregate to praise the Lord together. 

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meets every week; this service aims to serve the less fortunate with opportunities to prepare packages for distribution as well as visit retirement and nursing homes. Also this service is aiming to serve the newcomers who has different needs.

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Pure Heart

This service serves the special needs individuals in the community.

The Family Ministry ( The Maestro)

The Family Ministry’s mission is to serve families by showing them the path to our Lord and establish their identity in Christ.


Ministry in Prison

This service serves the individuals in prison. Weekly visits

Sports Ministry

This service aims to spread the word of God through various activities and sports.

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Youth Meeting

Friday @ 8 PM

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